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  1. "That position is currently filled."
  2. "I think Kohl accidentally adopted a cat."
  3. "Good Morning, Drunky McDrunkerson!"
  4. "It seems like this diet may be beneficial for your physical health but is impeding your mental health."
  5. "I like my men sparkle free."
  6. "I’d like a caesar salad and a divorce."
  7. "My life is literally in shambles right now."
  8. Two guys are walking down the street in silence. When they stop at a light, the taller man turns towards his companion and says,"I've been preaching this all along: you've got to have two levels of relationships."
  9. A guy sits down next to you at a sushi restaurant and pulls out a stopwatch. As he waits for his food he stares intently at the stopwatch.
  10. You enter a public bathroom and immediately spot a puddle of pee on the floor. Someone is sobbing in the last stall, and one of the sinks is covered with a plastic bag.
  11. A young woman is sitting in an easy chair in a pub. She takes out the new shoes she seems to have just bought and starts scrubbing them with a toothbrush while chatting on her cell phone.
  12. A woman on the bus has pink hair and a cheek piercing. The piercing is a little pink star. She looks to be about 40.
  13. "Oh my god, there's a cat! Kill Steve."
  14. "That will spread motivation like wildfire through frozen foods."
  15. "You have a picture of a cheetah?" "Yeah, I took one downtown!"
  16. "My dog did something amazing for his birthday."