Fiction Friday

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Happy Friday Writers, 

Wow, another week gone by. That means it's time for Fiction Friday based on yesterday's real life writing prompt.

Enjoy today's 10-minute scene and don't forget to share your writing with us in the comments.

Madeleine's Scene From the Prompt: "My dog did something amazing for his birthday."

Tony was pacing around his living room. He picked up the phone, then put it down again.

He walked to the kitchen, opened the fridge, and closed it.

He picked up the phone again. This time he dialed his friend Stephanie.

"How are you, stranger? Long time no talk!" she said when she picked up the phone.

"Sorry, sweetie. I've been busy with work. And I suck. But something happened today and I just had to tell someone."

"Are you okay? What happened? How can I help?"

"My dog did something amazing for his birthday."

"Pogo? It's his birthday? Tell him I said Hi. What happened?" asked Stephanie.

"He died."

"Oh my god, Tony. Are you okay? Do you want me to come over?"

"No, it's fine. He's fine," said Tony.

"What do you mean 'he's fine'? I thought you just said he was dead?"

"He was," said Tony.

"But he isn't anymore?"

"He resurrected."

"Do you mean you resuscitated him?" asked Stephanie.

"No, he resurrected. He's always had a flair for the dramatic."

"He's not the only one. So everything's okay, then?"

"Yeah. I just had to tell someone. It's not every day that your dog comes back from the dead."

"I wouldn't know. I'm a cat person," said Stephanie and hung up.