Fiction Friday

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Happy First Friday of June,

Wow, how this year is flying by. In advance of the weekend, here's Andrea's 10-minute scene from yesterday's writing prompt. Don't forget to share your inspired scenes with us in the comments.


Andrea's Scene from the Prompt: "You have a picture of a cheetah?" "Yeah, I took one downtown!"

"You have a picture of a cheetah?" June asked.

"Yeah, I took it downtown," Sandy replied.

"What the heck is a cheetah doing downtown?"

"How should I know," said Sandy. "There I was minding my own business, walking down Fifth Streeth, having just crossed Main, when a cheetah just strolls on by, minding it's own business."

"That doesn't make any sense," retorted June. "Wild animals don't stroll down streets."

"Well, I'm pretty sure it was window shopping."

June face palmed, letting out a big sigh. "Sandy, this just can't be! You're telling me that there were no zoo people or animal catchers at all? It was just giong from store front to store front imagining itself in a pair of Jimmy Choos?"

"Hey, who am I to judge a cat!"

"Show that picture, will you?"

Sandy pulled out her cell phone, tapping on it to bring up the photo in question, thrusting it into June's face.

"I knew it!" June shouted. "That's no cheetah. It's a leopard!"