Fiction Friday

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Happy Friday!

We hope you're ready for the long weekend and that you had chance to write for at least 10 minutes using yesterday's writing prompt.

Here's Andrea's scene for it.

Andrea's Scene for the Prompt: "I like my men sparkle-free."

Julie and Linda entered the bookstore. Julie's favourite movie star, Max Power, had just published a memoir about his life in the pictures that was said to be filled with all the juicy details of his highly public life.

Why did he really break up with Tiffany Pearson? What really happened behind the scenes of the action flick Seven Guns and Roses? Did Max really grow up in a cult? Julie couldn't wait to get her hands on a copy.

Linda rolled her eyes as they approached the table displaying Max's book. 

"'Max Power: Behind the Scenes of My Life.' Wow, original," said Linda. 

"Isn't he great?" said Julie, picking up a copy and staring at the cover dreamily. 

Linda examined the memoir's cover. The brown-haired, blue-eyed star, with his perfectly chiseled jaw and puppy dog expression donned a grey v-neck T-shirt and black vest. A surfer bro necklace lay around his neck and a bevy of man bracelets cascaded down each arm.  

"I like my men sparkle-free," she said, putting the book down. 

As Julie ogled the star, Linda guided her through the crowd to the cashiers.

Thankfully the line was short.