Fiction Friday

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Happy Friday!

Another week gone by. You know what that means! It's time for Fiction Friday. Please enjoy Madeleine's 10-minute scene from yesterday's prompt.

Madeleine's Scene for the Prompt: "Oh my god, there's a cat! Kill Steve!"

"You're the best, honey. This has been the most wonderful vacation ever."

"Yeah, it was great! What was your favourite part?" he asked. 

"Well, I liked a lot of the restaurants." 

"Yep, we found some great little places."

"And I really liked the cocktails."

"Nothing beats an island cocktail."

"And the music… so much music. Everywhere we went."

"That band at the hotel was the best, even though the band leader was totally hitting on you."

"He was just playing the game. They get bigger tips when they flirt. How about you? What was your favourite part?"

"I loved it all. It was a great holiday, except for all the times you tried to kill me."

"What are you talking about? How many island cocktails have you had today?"

"Well, for example, yesterday we were walking down the street and you nearly pushed me in front of a bus. And the day before you knocked me into the ocean."

"Do you mean when I stopped to talk to a kitten? When I turned around you were angry and wet and shouting about the ocean spitting out its dead?"

"That's exactly it!"

"But you wouldn't tell me what happened."

"Every time we pass a dog or a cat on this island, you scream, 'Oh my god. A cat!' And you try and kill Steve. You push me, bump me, knock me out of the way, forget I exist."

"I can't believe you're saying this. I just like cats. And dogs. And birds. I get excited. But I don't believe for a minute that I'm the one hurting you. You're just clumsy and that's why you keep falling."


"You really think I'm trying to kill you?"

"Maybe not consciously. But you are going to accidentally murder me if this continues."

"Pretty sure you're just clumsy. No one has ever accused me of being murdery before. It just doesn't feel like this is my fault. I mean, you've had A LOT of cocktails this week."

"I needed something to numb the pain!"

"They are great cocktails."

"Mmmm. Yep. Another round?"

"Mmmmmm. Yep. My treat. I'm sorry you think I'm trying to kill you. I'll be more careful around cats and dogs from now on."

"You're the best, honey!"

"No, you're the best, honey!"