Fiction Friday

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Happy Friday!

To celebrate the weekend, we have another scene for you based on yesterday's writing prompt.

Andrea's Scene for the Prompt: "I think Kohl accidentally adopted a cat."

"I think Kohl accidentally adopted a cat," said Liz. 

"Huh? How do you accidentally adopt a cat?" I asked, mid-chew. 

"A stray was constantly coming by his house, so he started leaving some kibble out for it." 

"Well, of course the little thing is gonna keep coming back," I said. "She knows she can get food there." I swallowed the still too-large piece of hamburger, then shoved a fistful of fries in my mouth. Liz's green eyes opened wide at me. 

"Jeez, you wanna slow down there, champ?" 

"What?" I gurgled. 

"You're gonna choke at that pace." 

I put down the burger, making a point to chew before swallowing. 

"Sorry, I'm just stressed." 

"No shit." 

"Jack is being a dick again. I think I need to break up with him." 

Liz grabbed my pop, taking a sip. Then she looked at the straw. 

"You're not usually a chewer." 


"Listen," she said, snatching a fry from my plate. "You know how I feel about Jack. He's just selfish, and he's not likely to change any time soon." 

"He really isn't," I sighed. 

"Call him tonight and get it over with. You'll feel much better." 

I nodded as I stuffed more greasy fries into my mouth, thinking I might have to order some onion rings before calling Jack.