Fiction Friday

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Happy Friday Dear Readers!

Can you believe it's already the last Friday of April?

Anyhoo, please enjoy Madeleine's scene from yesterday's Write from Life Thursday prompt. 

Madeleine's Scene for the Prompt: That position is currently filled.

“So, Mark. Tell us why you want to be president of the Beekeeper’s Union of Southeastern Ontario,” said the tall man with the gray hair.

“Well, I have a passion for beekeeping,” Mark replied. “I’ve been doing it now for six months and it’s going just great. And I think I’m a natural leader. So that’s that.”

“Interesting,” said the second man, with the horn-rimmed glasses. “But do you not feel that maybe there’s more to it than that?”

“Oh no,” said Mark. “As president I will help people by telling them all I know about beekeeping and they will learn and ‘bee’ happy. Get it? Bee. Happy! I’m pretty funny too. They’ll love me!”

“Perhaps,” said the first man. “Humour is always appreciated. But the position is currently filled. Why don’t you like the current president? Why do you want to replace him now?”

“The bees told me to,” said Mark.

“Well, that is something,” said the first man.

“Oh, yes,” said the second man. “We will definitely consider that.”

As the two men in white jackets left Mark’s room, he went back to staring out the barred window, at the flowers in the garden.