Fiction Fridays

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Happy Friday!

Another week has come and gone, and that means it's time to post a scene inspired by yesterday's writing prompt

Andrea's Scene for the Prompt: "My life is literally in shambles right now."

My life is literally in shambles right now.

Meghan stared at the newly typed words, the cursor blinking at the end of the sentence. She thought it would be a good line to start with, but now it seemed far too dramatic. She pressed down on the backspace key, then wrote:

For the past five years, my life has been in shambles.

That's better, she thought. More specific, less melodramatic. And intriguing too, leaving the reader wondering what exactly has gown down in that time. The reader, thought Meghan. She wasn't sure anyone would ever read her memoir, but these years had been so intense, so insane, she couldn't possibly keep them locked up in her memory.

From the guerilla rebellion plot to the time she jumped out of an airplane sans parachute, she knew she had to get it all down. Truth is stranger than fiction after all. But still, even though she wasn't sure anyone would ever read her book, the stories she'd amassed were so extraordinary, so intense, so counter-intuitive, she couldn't help but wonder, as she stared at the blinking cursor, would anyone believe her?