Fiction Fridays

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Happy Friday!

We hope you enjoyed yesterday's writing prompt. Here's a scene I wrote in 10 minutes inspired by that real life observation.

Madeleine's Scene for the Prompt: A guy sits down next to you at a sushi restaurant and pulls out a stopwatch. As he waits for his food he stares intently at the stopwatch.

Sammy Kim knows the people sitting next to him at the restaurant think he's autistic, or at least "somewhere on the spectrum." People often think that about him. He doesn't care. What he cares about right this moment is whether or not his lunch date is going to show up. His anxiety is causing him to fidget with his cutlery, arranging and rearranging it, as he stares obsessively at the timer in his phone, which is counting down the minutes until she is supposed to arrive.

Five minutes.

Sammy hasn’t been on a date since he was 25, eight years ago. That time too his Mom had set him up with the daughter of someone she knew. That time things had gone very badly. The girl had left after 20 minutes of awkward silence and his Mom had been angry at him for months.

Three minutes.

Sammy desperately wanted to have a girlfriend, but he didn’t know how to talk to girls. He didn’t know how to talk to people. He was intensely shy and panicked whenever he had to make conversation with new people. He couldn’t look them in the eyes. He couldn’t even seem to get smiling right - when he pulled his lips back and showed his teeth it was more like a snarl than a smile. He’d been told that the first impression he made was frightening. He didn’t doubt that. Sammy Kim was the first person to believe anything negative he heard about himself.

One minute.

He tried to flatten down his rumpled shirt. He took a sip of water and straightened his knife for the 26th time. He looked up briefly to see if anyone was looking for him and looked down at his phone again.

Time’s up.