Fiction Friday

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Happy Friday!

Please enjoy Andrea's 10-minute scene inspired by yesterday's real life writing prompt.

Andrea's Scene From the Prompt: "It seems like this diet may be beneficial for your physical health but is impeding your mental health."

Andi looked at the sheet of instructions in front of her. No grains, bread, pasta of any kind. No flour. No sugar. No milk. Some fruits and veggies allowed. Meat, yes. Potatoes, no. Some cheeses okay. Good Lord, she thought. How the heck will I be able to plan around all this?

She had recently been diagnosed with digestive issues that required a strict diet to maintain a pain-free life. She slumped down in her chair at the dining table, laying her head gently on the table.

Just then, her roomate Betty walked in. She turned her green eyes to Andi, to the diet sheet, then to Andi's laptop open on a cooking website.

"Trouble with the diet?" she asked.

Andi lifted her head, brushing her brown bangs out of her eyes, sighing.

"I don't know how I'm going to plan meals that adhere to all these restrictions. It's impossible!"

Betty sat down next to Andi, tucking her long legs underneath her.

"It seems like this diet is good for your physical health but bad for your mental health," she said.

"Tell me about it. I've been searching recipes for hours."

Betty pulled Andi's laptop towards her.

"C'mon, let's do it together. We got this."