Don't Know What to Write?
Write from Life!

Do you wish you could exercise your creativity and write something? (Anything!) Do you feel the urge to write stories but aren't sure what to write about? 

Typical writing prompts of the "A cowboy and an alien are sitting next to each other at a bar. Go," variety don't always spark the imagination. It can be hard to get that writing muscle working when you can't relate to the wild and wacky writing prompt in front of you.

At Write from Life we've collected (and continue to collect) writing prompts taken from real life! 

What does that mean?

Our prompts have all happened in real life. These are people and situations we've observed or overheard in our daily lives.

We encourage you to write for 10 minutes with each prompt and see what you come up with!

Happy Writing!

Madeleine Pelletier

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Andrea Kovarcsik

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